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This custom built preset pack is bursting with color and contrast! These five presets are certainly bold and focus on warmth, shadows and glowing skin. It took several years to create something so special and I can't wait to share these presets with you! 


Preset Descriptions:


✨Pink Lightning is a creamy and bright preset topped with a delicate hue of pink for some extra pizzaz! 


✨Studio Magic is my go to studio secret sauce! This preset neutralizes those harsh shadows and highlights from your flash set up for an overall smooth finish! 


✨Bold & Beautiful 2 is a slightly toned down version of Bold & Beautiful 1 (found in Preset Pack 1) with a few color adjusments. This preset keeps those rich colors and shadows in place all while balancing your highlights! 


✨Flashing Lights came to the rescue for my wedding reception lighting set up! This particular preset focuses on balancing your flash whether it be on camera, off camera or both! Dehaze and contrast come together to really strengthen your overall color palette. I highly recommend this one for indoor reception spaces! 


✨Moody Fall is a MUST have for earthy and natural fall portraits! To be honest, I use this preset all year round but it really thrives during my fall season! Think of a deep richness meets perfectly colored landscapes! 


Word to the Wise:

These presets were tested on a range of different photography styles as well as camera models. Please keep in mind all photos are shot uniquely so the presets will apply differently depending on the in camera settings. Although theses presets were delicately crafted they might still need a few adjustments so don't be afraid to tweak them after application. 


Due to the digital nature of these products, I am unable to offer refunds. However, customer satisfaction is always my number one priority so if something isn't completely satisfying you please send me a message so we can find a solution together.

© 2024 Caroline Rose Photography LLC, All Rights Reserved
TERMS OF USE: Including but not limited to: No selling the files. No sharing the files. Derivative works are prohibited.

Bold & Beautiful Preset Pack 2

  • The following instructions will show you how to download presets for Adobe Lightroom Classic version 13.0.1 or later using the .xmp format 

    1. Download your purchased Lightroom Presets which will come in a .zip file

    2. Start Lightroom, navigate to the Develop Module and click on File -> Import and Develop Profiles and Presets in the head menu.

    3. Navigate to the Presets folder and pick the .zip file. You can also pick already unzipped .xmp files.

    4. Now all Presets are ready to be used. You find them in the Presets section on the left.

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