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Call me Carrie or Caroline, whatever you remember first

Or your emotional support photographer 

So I may have mentioned I love photography a few times but there's a couple other things that make me my happiest so let me tell you about those too! Volleyball is a close second to photography! I have played volleyball indoors, outdoors, in the rain and in the weird humid Ohio heat and it is certainly a passion of mine, yes sweaty kneepads and all! When I'm not out in the world with my friends, a camera or a volleyball, I am normally at home with my pup Lily. I'm a huge movie buff (surprise surprise) and listen to movie scores on the daily. What can I say? I really dig the art of story telling! Oh and if I'm snacking on something during those movies it's probably a pile of chicken wings or french fries. Well, that pretty much scratches the surface of Carrie O'Brien, for now.

Caroline Rose Photography-Owner Caroline Rose O'Brien

Photo by: Serena Shi Photography 

flower art decal

The bigger the dream, the more important the team 

Say hello to the second shooters of the Caroline Rose Photography team, Anne & Katie 

Caroline Rose Photography Team shot
Caroline Rose Photography Team shot
Caroline Rose Photography Team shot

Photos by: Serena Shi Photography 

But who are Anne & Katie?

Let's meet them! 

Heart decal
Caroline Rose Photography Team shot
Caroline Rose Photography Team shot

Anne Hampton 

Katie McConnell

Hi! I'm Anne and I love to capture all types of moments from weddings & engagements to maternity, senior photos and so much more!


 I like to take a natural, photojournalistic approach to photography and I strive to make every person feel comfortable and confident! Outside of photography, I am a huge bookworm and love star trek! I also enjoy CrossFit and playing with my fur babies.

Carrie and I met each other when I was looking for a wedding photographer. I asked Carrie to chat on a phone call to go over some questions and we immediately hit it off talking about how much we both love photography! Carrie started mentoring me shortly after, and the rest is history!

Hi friends!

My name is Katie McConnell. I am a Westerville native, born and raised. I have been a coach, a teacher, and have recently followed my passion for photography. When I’m not taking photos of my husband or dog, I love capturing moments while I travel!


 Chances are if you see me out, you may find me at the hardware store for whatever hobby strikes my mind at the time! 

I have known Carrie a little over two years now and what started off as a mutual love of photography quickly blossomed into friendship. She has taught me everything there is to know about being a photographer and I couldn’t have been paired with a better role model.

Instagram: @MomentsByAE

Instagram: @SmileAlways614

Caroline Rose Photography Team shot
Caroline Rose Photography Team shot
Caroline Rose Photography Team shot

Together we are the three smiling faces that make up Caroline Rose Photography and I wouldn't want anyone else by my side 

Wanna get creative? Look no further

Flower art
Caroline Rose Photography with a couple after their October wedding at North 4th Corridor  in Columbus, Ohio


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