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The Easiest Styling Tips For Engagement Photos

Updated: Jul 5

As a wedding photographer, one of the most common questions I get from couples before their engagement session is "What should we wear for our shoot?" For some couples the choices are easy and for others it can be really overwhelming to style your outfits together so I came up with a few of my favorite tips to share before the session!

Coordinate But Don't Match

Styling and coordinating colors and styles of clothing is crucial for beautiful engagement portraits! I want BOTH of you to stand out all while showcasing your personalities and individuality through your styling choices. Choosing a color palette that compliments the location, season and yourselves will help add depth and texture to your portraits so find the best color palette for you and if you need help just ask! ❤️

Dress For The Season

Consider the location and season of your engagement portraits. For example, if you are planning on a beach shoot in the summer, you may want to wear something light, flowy and bright in color to go with the location and lighting! Alternatively, if you're doing a fall shoot in the park, you may want to wear layers and incorporate warm, rich tones like browns and tans. Remember you can always add or shed layers too!

Keep it Simple and Timeless

When in doubt, keep it simple! Avoid clothing with big logos or busy patterns that can easily distract from the main focus of the photos, you guys! Try to choose classic pieces that make you feel confident and comfortable all at once!

Consider Your Hair and Makeup

Now that you have your outfit picked out, it's time to think about your hair and makeup! Try to picture the overall look and feel you want to convey. Choosing the right hair style and makeup that complements your outfit really levels up your look and adds to your overall confidence day of shooting!

Be Yourself

Most importantly, be yourself!! Have fun, be silly, lick each other, grab butts, do whatever makes you happy and helps you feel comfortable in front of the camera!

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